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Kangwei Chang


Xiaoxun Sun

Backend Developer

Jiaqi Li

Data Scientist

Hui Xu

Data Analyst

Kingsley Qi

Product Manager

Hang Yu

Java Backend Developer

Mingcan Li

Data Scientist

Yuxi Liu


Jiahao Guo

Backend Development Manager

Jill Feng

Marketing Manager

Yi-Hsuen Lin

Data Scientist

Kai Nan


Kai, Douller's co-founder and CEO, combines strategic acumen and innovative leadership. With a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Science from Tianjin University, his academic background provides a unique problem-solving perspective, especially in systems science. Before leading Douller, he gained expertise in the Strategy department of DataBytence, making him a key driver of Douller's ongoing success.

Xingyu graduated from Brown University and is now a backend engineer at Douller.

Judy is the Manager of Data Scientist team at Douller. She obtained her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and also holds a master's degree in Project Management from Northwestern University. As a solution-oriented and professional data scientist with over 5 years of experience, Judy applies data-driven insights to solve challenging problems and significantly contributes to the development of Douller.

As a backend developer, Alice graduated from the University of Southern California, and she is skilled in full-stack development.

Jiaqi, Douller's Data Scientist, combines creativity and professionalism to enhance data science. She collaborates with startups, offering expertise in data management and analysis for effective customer engagement. Jiaqi holds a master's in Applied Data Science from USC and dual bachelor's degrees in Statistics and Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara.

As the Data Analyst at Douller, Hui Xu brings with her an enthusiasm for extracting insights from data and a knack for addressing challenging issues. Holding an Honours Bachelor's Degree in Financial Economics, her academic background and genuine passion for data place her in a unique position to contribute significantly to Douller's data-driven objectives.

Hang, a University of Florida Computer Engineering Master's graduate, excels as a Java Backend Developer at Douller. Proficient in Java and experienced in frameworks like SpringBoot, MyBatis, and Hibernate, he ensures efficient database integration. Skilled in web technologies, Hang supports dynamic backend for interactive applications, adept at solving complex programming challenges with teamwork and open communication.

Mingcan Li is the Data Scientist at Douller. With a professional journey spanning over 3 years, she brings a wealth of experience to the team. Prior to joining Douller, Mingcan had the privilege to collaborate with one of the top 4 video streaming platforms in China. Her academic endeavors at the University of Southern California (USC) have endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of data science, making her a valuable asset to the Douller team.

Yuxi Liu, Douller's Accountant, is known for her financial expertise, holding master's and bachelor's degrees from Cornell and Bentley University. Committed to financial excellence, she's passionate about her role in driving the company's financial success and enjoys reading and watching movies in her free time.

Jill, Marketing Manager at Douller LLC, Los Angeles, leads digital strategy to boost brand awareness and user engagement. With experience at Chanel, Moet Hennessy, and Fendi, she blends data and creativity. Holding a Master's in Marketing Analytics and a Bachelor's in Communication with a Design minor from USC, Jill's global perspective and diverse interests enrich her career.

Yi-Hsuen is the Data Scientist at Douller. As a data scientist possessing robust statistical skills, she excels at revealing insights from vast datasets. By deeply analyzing market trends and competitor data, Yi-Hsuen provides growth strategies for Douller. Her passion for numbers and uncovering hidden patterns allows her to transform them into valuable opportunities for success.

Kangwei Chang, with a master's degree from Queen Mary University of London, is dedicated to technological innovation and business development. As the CEO of Catixs Ltd, he specializes in AS48266 autonomous networks, excelling in network architecture, computing resource planning, and cloud computing to support business scalability and stability while optimizing resource utilization for efficiency and performance.

Yuhui (Kingsley) Qi, a New York-based product designer and creative technologist, holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design. His work blends art, science, and technology, emphasizing interaction design, interactive arts, installations, experience design, and interface design. His diverse background informs his exploration of human-nature and human-science relationships in his artwork.

Jiahao, with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Economics from UC Irvine and soon an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon, leads Douller's Backend Development. His strong tech-business understanding from academics drives his innovative Software Development contributions. Beyond work, he stays active, enjoys films, gaming, and anticipates team collaboration and progress.

Xingyu Liu

Backend Engineer

Judy Zhang

Data Science Manager

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